Client testimonials

  • Amanda Ocko

    "We had our wedding photographed by Eva Zelenkova and we couldn't have been more happy with her services. She is very talented and did a super job. We love our wedding photos and would 100% recommend her to anyone."

Amanda Ocko

"We had our wedding photographed by Eva Zelenkova and we couldn't have been more happy with her services. She is very talented and did a super job. We love our wedding photos and would 100% recommend her to anyone."

Silvia Cruz

"Eva !!! If full professionals are involved, I have to mention you!! ... of artists, I also mention you !! .. creative ... you !! In the end you have everything that one looks for in a photographer and more, that is what makes you special, with a seal of its own, always looking for authenticity in each photo, is priceless ... I can mention a series of events that are an important part of my life and in which I can not think that you were not to capture them as they were ... have been bachelor parties for my nephews, actually cocktail parties !! Christmas celebrations, family portraits, civil wedding ... ..have been beautifully saved in each photos !!!

Every detail so well achieved, the joy of the people who attended, the atmosphere that lived !! simple, perfect, is the right word to define your work !!! I also have to say, that you have a very special gift to make people feel, comfortable with your presence, you are very funny and so discreet yet, I congratulate you, I thank you for being so special in every situation. Punctuality, excellent, ... superior quality to anyone ... I thank you for the love you put into your work, that makes the difference at the end of the event, you are always innovating, reaching the feeling, the soul of people or essence of things ... I definitely recommend you!!! Is a real blessing to have found you !! I wish you all the best!!! Go ahead, if you advance ... I imagine the beauties that await me !!! Congratulations!!!! A hug."

Andrea Reyna de Bargelés

“I consider myself as a photography fanatic and when it means to choose one of the hardest decisions, among thousands of options: Whom I choose to leave our dreams, our fulfilled goals and those moments of unique happiness? Moments or days that come to mind and heart only when we see a photo.

Deciding for Eva has never been a cause for doubt, she's my top of mind, her unique and original photos embody "feelings"

Eva has been with us in the most important moments and always with a unique profecionalismo, really a charming human being.

Thank you Eva for being part of our best memories."

Melissa Tagua

"I always wanted at my wedding to have the photos that captured this very special day ... and to find your work that really can have those images that described happiness, and it was like that !!

They are pictures of a fairy tale !! I congratulate you because you are an excellent photographer that exceeded my expectations and recorded our happiness !! Thank you very much and you will always be at my best moments!! "

Maria Isabel Ramos Bianchi

"Choosing Eva to be our photographer was one of the best decisions we made! Not only the photos were incredible, also the ease and flexibility with which she works, the nature of her photos and the moments she captures are unique.

We'll choose her again without a doubt and I recommend her very much.I've seen how she captures the personality of each couple that takes photos and that happened to us.

Our pictures are the best memory of the most special day of our lives, and we certainly chose to the best to capture it.”

Maria Claudia Bustamante

"We chose Eva because we loved her photos, and when we met her, we were even more motivated, because her warmth and energy made us feel very confident that the photos would be a success. We loved her flexibility, because working under pressure is not easy , And we know that he had a stressful time, but he knew how to handle it very well. His way of working made us feel comfortable, we liked his versatility very much, that we could evaluate the photographs together before the final delivery and that the equipment she uses make the result a professional and optimal.

Gabriela Mena

"Eva is not only a wonderful photographer who can capture moments and emotions and turn them into unforgettable memories, she is also an excellent person.When I had the opportunity to meet her, I matched with her way to be, so beautiful and spontaneous, and I decided that there was no better person in which we trust the photos of my wedding because I wanted to enjoy that moment with someone who understood me, made me laugh, that was a beautiful experience and so it was!!!

Thanks Eva for your enthusiasm, I recommend 100% your work because you do it with love and it reflected in every photograph."

Veronica Mejia

"Eva, from the first time I saw your photographs, I wanted you to be the person who captured our joy of being new parents." Photographing babies is not easy, but your patience and professionalism made the session a unique experience. We will be contacting you again !!! "

Debora Fadul - Chef de Mon Coeur

"My experience with Eva Zelenkova Photography was incredible! Communication is so important between photographer and chef in terms of foodstyling because it's a team effort, the beauty of working with Eva is that she listens and knows how to convey what she sees through the lens and tells you that you need to improve, the light with which she plays mark her own trends in photography without having to compose it on the computer.Eva doesn't capture photos, she capture moments and feelings. Is an artist!

Vivi Hernandez

"Thanks Eva for capturing moments and memories with your lens, for that eye and talent for that precision of match feelings and emotions perfectly, only with the preview we have fallen in love and you imagine the emotion that we have to see everything finished. What we have seen been in 3 words: jaw dropping beautiful! Thanks to your team too with the video we know it will be just beautiful too."

Margarita Cifuentes y Jorge

"After the wedding the only thing that revives that immemorial day are the photographs! ... The photographer plays an important role on the wedding day, the photographs are the most valuable testimony that remind us to the instant in which we decided to took our hands forever. For months we visited photographers, checked photographic tendencies, when we met Eva it was only a few minutes to convince us that we had found the right person who was going to put that personal stamp on our photos. All was rasier, we established that important connection that has to exist between the photographer and the couple.

The photos of our wedding speak for themselves, she found and captured the best moments of the party, the best smiles and looks. Eva made of our photos something great, she made evident the subtle, she photographed from the soul, our session was with horses and she captured the love between people and animals, getting back from that place something magical and make that day memorable in our Lives.

It was a nice experience to let us photograph by Eva, a simple, full and very professional person. Today, friends and even strangers write to us to ask who took our photos and without a doubt we recommend and would choose Eva Zelenkova again! ..

Eva is undoubtedly the photographer that everyone would like to have for their wedding, we're grateful and proud to be able to print a photobook with the sensitivity and dexterity of her lens."


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